What is it Like to Play Against the Poker Pros?

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Poker is a strategic competition with various players involved. When you play in a casino or online, you might never know when you will run into a professional poker player.

Just as in any other sport, these pro players need to train, and what better way is there to train than by joining a friendly game with some amateur players.

If you have played against a pro player, you might have realized that they do things a bit differently. For those who want to know what it is like to play against the poker pro, read on.

It Might Seem Scary, But You Do Have A Chance To Win

If you find yourself in a game with a pro player, the first thing that you should remember is to breathe. Just because you are playing against a pro player doesn’t mean that you will lose.

Poker is not only a game of skill; it has an element of luck to it as well. The cards are randomly dealt to players, and thus, even with all the experience and skills that professional players have, you still have a 30% chance to win against these players.

If you watch or play some of the tournaments on GGPoker.eu you will quickly realize that even the pros have no control over the tenacity of the player that they are facing, and it doesn’t matter how many rabbit’s feet you carry with you, you cannot control luck.

Poker Is Not A Hobby For Pro Players

One of the first things you will notice when you are up against a professional player is that this game is not a hobby for them but a job. These players might sit in front of you with their Hollywood smile that can only be achieved by using teeth whitening powder but believe us when we say that they are 100% dedicated to their job, where amateur players might only play when they are in the mood.

Most pro players spend time researching the best strategies, watching online streams of other pro players, and reading the top books on poker strategies. You can’t become a pro player without putting in the work.

The good news is that poker is not just about being book smart. You will sometimes find that amateur players beat pro players because they know about all the “right” strategies. You might surprise a poker pro with a non-textbook move.

Pro Players Knows When To Leave And When To Continue Playing

A significant difference between pros and amateurs is the money at play. Amateur players will protect their money, whereas pro players usually have a bigger amount of money backing them. So they might be more prone to risk their money.

Some of the best advice that a new poker player can follow is to never enter a game where the buy-in is more than 5% of the cash that you have available. If you can stick to buy-ins that are about 2.5% of your available money, then you should focus on those games.

Another crucial mistake that a lot of new players make is playing too many hands. A professional player can read the table and understand their odds of making a profit at the table. If the pro sees that the table is not going to be profitable, they will move on. You can learn some valuable business lessons at the poker table.

Take Away

It is exciting for amateur poker players to try their luck in the big leagues but don’t let the excitement of playing against a poker pro throw you off your game.

With a bit of luck and a book full of strategies, you still have a fair chance to win the game.

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